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Mastour Ready Mix Concrete Company Saudi Arabia
Mastour S. Bin Merfaa Company and Partners for Trading and Contracting Limited known to as MSCO is formerly Mastour S. Al Shahrani Establishment for Trading & Constructing. It was founded on 1398 Hejira (1978) and established as contracting agency based in Khamis Mushayt, Asser Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
MSCO has rapidly improving for the past few year and grown to become MSCO Group of Companies, Specializing in different areas of concentration in contracting and other business activities. READY MIXED CONCRETE, is one of the company's pride business arms which provide excellent quality of concrete, off all types to its clienteles, it stood out over its business rivals because of its high quality produced products. This is the result of the well qualified Manpower, efficient equipment and excellent plants, all through out the kingdom.

The transformations and the continuing efforts of the company's laboratory technicians and engineers help improve the unsurpassed quality of concrete which are supplied to the clients. Ministry of Water & Electricity, Ministry of Defense and Aviations, and Ministry of Transportation are some but regular clients of the Ready Mixed Concrete of the Company. Not to include the Local Municipalities and the Commercial Businesses, Which are the ardent customers of the plant.
It is a subsidiary of Mastour Holding Group , which was established in 1978 , It is working in the field of ready-mixed concrete and cement products , as well as some other miscellaneous activities .
The company has the experience and achievements that make them among the major companies operating in this area, they have the technical personnel of the fleet and operational enough to be as well.
And the importance of quality and its impact on the construction of the country , has been the slogan of the company is (together to build our country with high quality) .
And to investigation of the company's slogan , Were processed the laboratories on the latest models and equipment, attracted the best professionals to maintain the quality of their products to Attract customers by quality of the product .
It is the company's products: (ready-mixed concrete, and bluk, tiles, and sidewalks, cement barriers, and fenders, pipes, tube and phrases) .

Ready Mixed Concrete Products:
MSCO-RMC is the main supplier of concrete products for the use of the company's project whose clients are from the Ministries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These include the Ministry of Water and Electricity, Ministry of Transportations, Ministry of Defense and Aviations, Ministry of Industrial Development, etc

 The concrete used in the constructions of Sewerage utilities and structures are type V and are responsive to the foregoing requirements of the Ministry. Moreover, microsilica together with some types of chemicals are used to satisfy the standards and specifications. Concrete strength and other qualities of concrete are in accordance with the standard and specifications specified in the Standard and specifications. Concrete strength and other qualities of concrete are in accordance with the standard and specifications specified in the ACI & ASTM manuals.

Bridges and Other Structures
MSCO-RMC is the prime supplier of concrete for bridges constructed at Asser Region. The quality is on top and undisputable with excellent performance during project implementations it also engages in pre-casting rein-forced deck girder for bridges. Either post tensioning or prestressing the concrete strength and quality are closely monitored by the RMC MIQC laboratory personnel.

•    To provide quality concrete to all clients including in construction activities.
•    Provide cost effective processes of products and services on its superior quality.
•    Respond the overflowing demands of concrete on a very effective time delivery.
•    Provide options of concrete products which will satisfy the standards and specification of the clienteles.
•    Administer the businesses with the utmost professionalism, commitment to high standards & quality and never ending development and improvement of products.
•    Provide facilities to improve the quality of life and well-being of all workers and clienteles.


MSCO-RMC uphold the virtue of quality life in the delivery of products and services to all mankind, particular in constructions and in the marketing principle which will provide healthy competitions with business rivals and provide necessities to its support staffs and employee, who turn provide efficient and responsive services in the company- All for the betterment of the company
MSCO-RMC upload the virtue of quality life in the delivery of products and services to all mankind; particular in constructins and in the maketing principle which will provide healthy competitions with business rivals and prodide necessities to its support staffs and employee, who in turn provide efficient and responsive services in the company All for the betterment of the company.

Ready Mix Concrete Plants:
Ready Mix Concrete: the company produces and supplies concrete products. Two types of cement, which are the type I for general purpose concrete and type V for sulfate resistance attack and waterproof concrete, are used in the concrete mix. MSCO supplies variety of concrete mix which designs ranges from class “AAA” to class “D” However, the accept other mix designs form the clients. Admixtures are used to respond the foregoing construction requirements.
Ready mix concrete can be supplied for 24 hours a day at a rate of 90 cubic meters per hour. Testing is regularly conducted to monitor the quality of the concrete products.

Manpower: The Company is populated with enormous experienced and intellectual manpower. The concern of the management is to employ the ready are composed of different nationalities. These are the managers, material engineers, sales engineers, laboratory technicians, mechanics accountants, plant operators, concrete pump operators, concrete mixer drivers-operators, and other support staffs and services. Presently the company numerous manpower assigned at the different plant sites in the kingdom to respond the foregoing demand in the market.

There is a considerable growing number of manpower hired to work with the company. These strengthen the capabilities of the company plants to face more rigorous challenge in the world of construction.

For the past years in construction, MSCO-RMC able to cope with the
technological evolutions in equipment industry, both heavy and light equipment. MSCO procures latest model of equipment to respond the growing demands of concrete in the kingdom. MSCO-RMC has Mercedez/Volvo Concrete Truck Mixers, Putzmitsers Concrete Pumps, Cement Bulk Truck Trailers and dump trucks to provide the necessities of the plant.

These equipment are equally distributed to project sites and branches where services are deemed necessary in the operation of the plants.

Motor Pools Maintenance & Machine Shop:

Motor pool maintenance and machine shop are provided to all projects and branches of the MSCO-RMC. All equipments are required to undergo regular maintenance check up as prescribed by the manufacturer.
The workshops are equipped with different machines, tools and apparatus for maintenance and repair purposes. Moreover, storage building for spare parts and other mechanical devices are also provided for immediate retrieval of parts, repair and replacements of plants and equipment.

To purely control and monitor the quality of concrete products and to respond the immediate demands of the clients, MSCO-MRC provide its own Crusher plants to respond the demand of the concrete plants. Moreover, qualities are controlled thru to the type of aggregates materials produced, in accordance with the standards and specifications of the customers.

Material testing and quality control laboratory (MTQC) provided to every plant. The laboratory is completely equipped with all apparatus for testing and designs of concrete mix.
MSCO-RMC laboratory equipment and apparatus are imported from Italy or, if not from Germany. The brands are Controls, Soil Test, Fodney, Ashworth, Houghton, Troxler and many others,
Continues testing and research studies are regularly conducted by the personnel of the laboratories, this will give them idea to fully utilize resources and to provide unequaled quality of concrete mix, Moreover, the plant also envisioned to create or produced new technology in concrete industry.

The Concrete Mix:
The qualities of concrete are controlled by different types. This includes the Slump, Air Content and Compressive Strength of Concrete.


MSCO-RMC uses different types of cement in order to respond the demands specification and standards of the clients: These include,

Type 1: General-purpose cement, used in the vast majority of concrete;
Type 2: Generally used where reduced heat of hydratin is need;
Type 3: High Early Strength Cement;
Type 4:  A low heat of hydration cement;
Type 5:  A high sulfate resistant cement;
Sometime MSCO-RMC uses other materials as additives to the concrete product in order to improve the quality. These are the Air Entraining Cements or Mircosilica silicafumes.

Admixtures are also used in the production of concrete. These are

•    Water Reducers
Water reducing admixtures enhance the workability of concrete, but maintain the specified strength of concrete,
•    High-Range Water Reducers
There are commonly called superplasticizer, high-range water reducers. It provide the convenience of high-slump concrete without the penalty of lower strength,
•    Retarder
Usually used in hot weather to extend the setting time of concrete.
•    Accelerator :
Shortened the setting time of concrete or produce high early strength of concrete.
•    Water-Reducing Retarders
A combinations of water-reducing and retarder chemicals.
•    Water Reducing Accelerators:
A combination of water-reducing and accelerator chemicals.

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